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The Ultimate Guide to Easy Vegan Cheese Making

What's in the vegan cheese cookbook?

  • 30 different varieties of vegan cheeses.
  • Vegan cheeses that can be sliced, grated, and melted like cheddar, mozzarella, and gouda.
  • Soft spreadable cheeses that are great for cheese boards like vegan goat cheese, brie, and cheeseballs.
  • Cheesy sauces like nacho cheese sauce, alfredo, and fondue.
  • A guide that teaches you how to create your own vegan cheese recipes.

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The Ultimate Guide to Vegan Staples

What's in the vegan staples cookbook?

  • Over 40 recipes for homemade staples that can be made with inexpensive common ingredients.
  • Recipes for vegan condiments like butter, mayo, cream cheese, and sour cream.
  • Recipes for plant-based milk, basic vegan cheeses, sauces, desserts, and more.
  • Creamy salad dressings like vegan ranch, Caesar, and Thousand Island.
  • A guide to the ingredients that you will need for these recipes and where to find them.

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The Ultimate Guide to Homemade Seitan

What's in the seitan cookbook?

  • 26 different recipes for faux meats that you can make with wheat protein. Recipes like vegan chicken, beef, ham, pastrami, corned beef, sausages, and ribs!
  • 11 sauces and marinades to dress up the seitan like BBQ sauce, buffalo sauce, sweet and sour sauce, teriyaki sauce, and more.
  • Different cooking methods to control the taste and texture of your seitan.
  • A guide of tips and tricks to ensure your success.

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Printed Book Regular Price: $29.99

Three eBook Bundle

Buy all three cookbooks and save!

  • Over 100 tried and true vegan recipes.
  • Homemade basics that will save you $100s of dollars on groceries every year!
  • Learn how to make vegan products at home with simple inexpensive ingredients.
  • No more running to the store for basics, make them yourself at home.
  • Get all 3 cookbooks for 1 low price!

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Let's check out what's inside!

What recipes are in the cheese cookbook?

Why buy these cookbooks?

Tired of buying expensive vegan groceries like butter, cheese, mayo, sour cream, and faux meats?

Me too! That's why I started making my own vegan basics!

I developed these recipes over the past 23 years of eating vegan. I tested and retested these recipes until they were perfect, and now I share them with you in these 3 vegan cookbooks.

  • Get my exclusive recipes not shared anywhere else! I have spent over 20 years testing and retesting these recipes until they are absolutely perfect. Many of the recipes in these books are not shared on my website, app, or even with friends and family. This is the only way to get them!
  • Save money on your weekly grocery bill when you make your own vegan staples at home! (My family of 4 saves about $100 a month).
  • Save time by not having to run to the store and buy these frequently used products! (Many of the recipes take 5-10 minutes to prepare).
  • Make your own vegan products that fit your dietary needs. Most of the recipes have methods to make them low-sugar, lower-fat, soy-free, and/or nut-free.
  • Avoid palm oil, found in many store-bought vegan products, and save wildlife habitats!
  • Make products that taste better than the ones that are mass-produced and sold in stores.
  • Be more environmentally friendly! Save on all that plastic packaging by making products yourself and reusing your own containers!
  • Learn the science behind why these recipes work, so you can create your own recipes and make magic in your kitchen!

What others are saying...

Who am I

I'm the recipe developer, writer, and photographer for The Hidden Veggies Blog! The author of 3 vegan cookbooks and the creator of the Vegan Meal Plans 101 recipe app.


I have been vegan since January 1, 2000!  That means I haven’t had any animal products since the turn of the millennium!

Back when I gave up animal products, there weren't many options if you wanted a vegan version of milk, cheese, or butter. Vegan mayo, sour cream, and cream cheese were nearly impossible to find.  (This was back before things like Beyond Burgers or Daiya cheese were invented and there were only a few bad options at specialty stores).

So, if I wanted good-tasting vegan alternatives, I had to make them myself.  (I even had to bake my own vegan wedding cake since I couldn't find a vegan option back then).

Even though vegan products are now widely available, I still make my own vegan butter, sour cream, salad dressings, cheeses, and faux meats.  They simply taste better, are free of preservatives, reduce packaging, and save my family a ton of money!

Frequently asked questions

Are all of these recipes gluten-free?

Most recipes in the vegan cheesemaking cookbook and the vegan staples ebook are gluten-free.

None of the recipes in the seitan-making cookbook are gluten-free since seitan is made from wheat protein. 

Are these recipes low fat and/or low carb?

All of my recipes are meant to taste like the real thing. In order to do this, I use a similar ratio of fats, proteins, and carbs to replicate the original products.

Are the recipes nut-free?

Many of my recipes use coconut oil or coconut milk and there are 2 cheese recipes that use almonds. However, no cashews, peanuts, or other tree nuts are used in any of the other recipes.

How will I get the printed books after I purchase them?

When you purchase the printed cookbooks, my printing service will find the associated printer closest to you, print a copy of the cookbook, and ship it directly to the address that you provide. This process usually takes about a week, but it can take up to two weeks at high-demand times close to the holidays.

How long does it take to get the printed books?

The printed cookbooks usually take about 1 week to arrive at your home. They can take as long as 2 weeks during the holiday season. I am able to print and ship to most countries. Shipping and taxes are calculated based on where you live.

Do you offer refunds?

I do not offer refunds on the eBooks since they are digital files and can not be returned. If you are not satisfied with your printed cookbook, please email me and I will provide you with a method to return the book for a refund.

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The Ultimate Guide to Easy Vegan Cheese Making

The Ultimate Guide to Vegan Staples

The Ultimate Guide to Homemade Seitan

Three ebook Bundle

Three Printed Book Bundle

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